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Welcome to ConnectED Consulting Services LLC...
ConnectEd Consulting Services leverages federal E-Rate funding to help schools deliver technology to the classroom.  Our E-Rate services are comprehensive, and include:
  • Technology planning
  • Procurement and competitive bidding
  • Discount calculation and optimization
  • E-Rate applications
  • Application reviews and program audits
  • Document retention and management
  • Appeals and substitutions
  • Project and vendor management
  • Invoicing
  • E-Rate compliance
  • E-Rate training
  • Asset Management
We help our clients develop appropriate policies and processes to reach district goals, ensure compliance with E-Rate and local procurement rules, and stay abreast of E-Rate program developments, changes, and key deadlines.  We also conduct ongoing program reviews to ensure technology investments are aligned with educational objectives and remain within budgetary constraints.
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